Let’s select a wedding dress for your character

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Let’s select a wedding dress for your character

How to Choose the Correct Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to be special and not like everyone else at her own wedding. Therefore, when choosing a wedding dress, girls sometimes buy something that is not what they like, but something that will surprise guests. Or, on the contrary, making a choice, the bride is simply afraid to go beyond her usual modest image, so her dress is rather ordinary and not much different from the everyday style, although at first, she was looking for something else. In order to choose a dress and further celebration in it did not cause any discomfort, it is worth to remember two things - the dress must be elegant, festive and you should like it. Or rather YOU should like yourself in it. Then everything will be in harmony - and emotions, and mood.

Go to the wedding salon

Why you should not immediately order a dress on the Internet? Because in the salon you can touch and try on any model you like or the one you would not notice in the online catalog. It also happens that we do not fully know what things can really suit us.

How to select a wedding dress for your character

Going to the salon, take with you:

  • Good mood! This is the main thing, without which choosing a wedding outfit will not work. If the process of choosing is uninteresting for you, go for a short walk or arrange a short shopping, the last point of which will be the wedding salon. You will come there with new purchases and in a good mood.
  • Bridal shoes or similar shoes that you will wear at the wedding. This is necessary first of all in order to see how they will look with the selected dress model, and secondly for accurate selection of the skirt length (if you immediately decide to buy an outfit in the salon).
  • A girlfriend or even a few friends. In a familiar company, you will feel more confident and calmer, and also get the opinion of independent experts and not just a consultant who wants to sell more.

By the way, in a good wedding salon, the consultant should be benevolent, unobtrusive and interested. Then even have come to the salon alone, you will immediately receive advice and support. If for some reason you fill yourself uncomfortable in the shop, you can recover in another. Usually, there are several of them, even in the smallest city.

wedding dress for your character

Tricks which help you find the best dress:

  • Do not take too many advisers with you, because their opinions may diverge and in the end, you will buy something completely different than what you came for.
  • If you already know which particular outfit you want, go to the salon alone. The presence of a helper can greatly undermine your inner confidence.
  • You should not chase fashion trends, choose what suits you best.
  • Do not try on more than 10-15 dresses in one day. The dress is like toilet water. If you do not choose your own one from the first few flavors, then all will seem the same. So when choosing a dress - do not look through everything that is in the shop, otherwise, you risk missing “yours”.

The image of the perfect dress

In the salon or even on the pages of the online store there are a lot of outfits in different styles.

In order not to sit for hours in search of the ideal, we recommend to immediately determine the price limit, beyond which you will not view outfits. It will save you a lot of time and effort, make the choice easier. Of course, if you do not like anything, you can raise the bar, but do not forget that you should not spend half of the wedding budget on a dress.

There is an excellent rule - the more expensive and luxurious a model is, the less decor should be on it. That is, if the dress is sewn from simple materials, then lace, rhinestones, and other, that will make it luxurious. But if you chose a model from an expensive satin, adorned with an openwork scattering of Swarovski crystals and complemented with a delicate frill of French lace, you should not choose something else. This dress is beautiful in itself.

Another criterion that will speed up the choice is that in winter attires from velvet and brocade are appropriate, and in summer from flowing chiffon, satin, and silk. Nobody forbids you to buy any outfit, but designers offer for each season certain models. In the cold season, the outfit can be supplemented with a fur cape, fur coat or vest. In the summer, it can be a pelerine, bolero, cape on the shoulders.

Keep your style

It is very important not to lose yourself when choosing a dress. If you are a romantic person, you should not choose asymmetry, conciseness, rude concepts and so on. And vice versa, if you hate flowers, ribbons, openwork patterns, there are many strict and elegant models in collections of different brands without too much chic and decor. If you want to somehow change your style, you will be helped by the same cape that can be in any style.

Also, do not forget about the rules of decency. Wedding - this is not the place where you need to show all the charm of the figure. The too frank dress will look vulgar and not like at least half of your guests, that's for sure. Therefore it is not necessary to cross the brink of decency.

The white color does not suit every bride. Now designers offer many other interesting shades - cream, beige, powdery, milky, golden and others. Some models combine several tones at once, which look unusual and fresh.

Let’s select a wedding dress for your character

You can try some new shade of attire, in contrast to the style that is not going to you. White color looks great on the dark skin, and all others - well look on the pale. Ideally, the wedding dress should be bought in advance, at least 1.5–2 months before the celebration. Then you can calmly prepare for the ceremony, choose a restaurant and invite guests. If you do not have time, you can order your favorite model on the Internet, focusing on the criteria that are written above.

In conclusion, we can say that the best wedding dress will help you choose your intuition and inner spirit. First of all, listen to yourself - what did you like in the first place, what dress do you remember all the time or would you like to try on again, in which you felt confident and luxurious?

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