Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2020

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Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2020


   Have you ever wondered when and how a fashion designer gets inspired for his alluring collections?

   It is definitely about time, place and people, so a Fashion Week event would be always a good idea!

   Fashion Week, an industry event which is popular starting from 1900s, prospers till now so that most gifted and valiant designers could display their design-forward collections. The history of a Fashion Week development is eloquent and one may benefit a lot while diving into its roots.


   World`s main vogue capitals are New York, London, Milan and Paris. These cities receive a bulk of journalists` and media coverage. The first so called `Fashion Week` Show was held in 1903 in New York City and became a starting point for following fashion industry demonstrations. The history says that in that year middle class women were firstly brought to designer fashion stores and boutiques. Afterwards, such shows have become a perfect approach to promote shops, first clothing collections as well as their brilliant creators.


   21st century fashion industry is much multipolar - fashion scenes are rapidly filling up such metropolitan areas as Monaco, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Dubai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Jakarta, Copenhagen, Bangalore, Mumbai, Beirut and others. A Bridal realm has spread all over the world and set in the hands of most sultry masters.



Has a wedding industry always been an inevitable part of a fashion itself? Well, yes! Though it has not been widely presented and that favorable, it was absolutely money-making among rank and fashion.


The lifecycle of a wedding gown counts hundreds of years of its development. Queen Victoria`s wedding gown has put a start to the enduring development of a dress. In 1840 the Queen, wearing a beige shade white pompous gown, made a furore and inspired future brides for ivory, beige and peach tinted bridal dresses. Snow-white wedding apparel was still and all favored among young brides while mature women always went for practical attire. Ironically, the wedding color palette as well as design and patterns introduced by the Queen at that time have been at their peak popularity throughout centuries until now.


   Did you happen to know which novelties year 2020 has brought into Wedding Fashion industry? Here is a sneak peek into what will conquer hearts of brides in 2020.


Vivid tier skirts of 19th and 20th centuries have brought their charm into modern fashion industry of 2020. Popular fashion and wedding fairs are full of Boho-style gowns which are comfortable and `streetstyle` enough for a most meticulous fashion expert or a petulant fancy bride. Dresses with tiered skirts are perfect substitutes for bouffant bridal gowns which have come to its end ages ago.


Vintage ruffled necklines of 1940s and the ball-period developed into gorgeous festive bridal dresses of today. Presented first by Zac Posen, an American designer, in 2015, this style stole hearts of thousands brides of the continent and Europe and will be in high demand this year too. Layered ruffles elongate the neckline perfectly and that is what most women crave for.



Extravagant big bows mostly at the back of the wedding apparel were designed back in 1950s to emphasize romantic nature of a bride and build her silhouette into a delicate sophisticated figure. Nowadays you can find these long-lived designs in the last 2020 collections of modern designers such as Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Maggie Sottero, Carolina Herrera, Berta and other outstanding minds. Dresses crafted with enlarged bows turn a bridal clothing into an airy and romantic outfit.


Corseted bridal gowns embellished with lovely distinctive lace patterns will perfectly fit for spring-early summer period. Delicate flowery patterns and exposed corsetry build up an impressive tandem for warm seasons weddings.


   These and many others designs could be found at the wedding fairs and other bridal shows annually or several times in a year depending on location, show holder and event scope.


   Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week is a world`s benchmark for bridal segment which is held annually from 21 to 24 April In Barcelona, Plaza de España. The trade fair hosts more than 20 000 visitors and hundreds of exhibitors who exude with their vision and style. It is the only international bridal trade fair that binds the media effect with the business generated at the fashion show.


   VBBFW is the largest wedding fashion fair in the history - more than 300 brands from over 35 countries of the world present their jaw-dropping designs, participate in shows, trades and catwalks - so you will definitely have something to feast your eyes upon!


   Fashion Week in Barcelona is a perfect time to get inspired for a style of a wedding gown if you are looking for a perfect dress on your wedding day. There is a cluster of topnotch designers who have an ultra-modern approach to a bridal couture. If you happen to own a wedding shop, bridal boutique or a leading designing company and you are in search of wholesale bridal dresses, you will find it rather advantageous to discover new wedding dress wholesale distributors at the fair.


   This year Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week will reveal its best participants with unique up-to-date designs. A wide range of wedding decorations, bride and groom apparels, wholesale wedding dresses, wholesale bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, hair accessories, shoes and wedding gifts will be displayed at the market. Organized by Fira de Barcelona, VBBFW has become the most awaiting event in the world`s wedding fashion industry.


Iryna Kotapska


   Iryna Kotapska is a Ukrainian designer from European market, wholesale wedding store owner, bridal gown wholesale distributor and an active participant in numerous fashion shows and wedding fashion trades across the world. The company creates trendsetting collections, distributing them worldwide in wholesale and retail. Iryna Kotapska is a brand which has been gaining enthusiastic interest and respect from its clients for twenty years now.


   Little while ago Iryna Kotapska has released a collection together with Andre Tan, a famous Ukrainian fashion designer. Twenty seven dresses were a wonderful inspiration of Paris - each of which is named after most admirable Parisian places and is charming in its own image. This collection demonstrates a bridal imagery as a most ravishing masterpiece.


   Charm, taste and elegance – are traits which make up `Lovely ` Collection of Iryna Kotapska Company. Embroidery evoking a sense of seduction, elegant detailing, romantic patterns and warmly flowing tints create dreamy tender princess gown which win the attention of young gentle brides. `Lovely` Collection counts 50 marvelous gowns the styles of which will beyond any doubt find their owners at any show or fair.


   Collection `Euphoria` is full of brave fashion-forward trends – A-silhouettes, asymmetric forms, and appealing deep necklines, while `Inspiration` Collection is of more classic nature. `Inspiration` wedding dresses have figure-skimming silhouettes, traditionally white colored luxurious fabrics, impeccable decorations which make all bridal gowns `fit for a queen`. Which one to be is only for bride to choose!


   Iryna Kotapska Company is not only about perfect wedding gowns for brides, but also about comfort which each customer gets while cooperating with it. Iryna Kotapska is a demanded bridal dresses wholesale supplier. Outstanding service and specialists will support client`s needs and demands day and night. Configured customer service is always ready to help with the order, designs, transporting processes and long-lasting product guidance.


   Dresses of Iryna Kotapska delight with fabrics of European quality, fast manufacturing period, affordable price and online catalog accessibility. In addition, the company is an international wedding dress wholesale distributor and has a wholesale wedding dresses store in USA which makes it rather popular on American market.


   Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2020 is a perfect chance for you to get acquainted with Iryna Kotapska company. Managers who speak fluent English, German and French will assist you at the event to initiate a trusting and successful cooperation. Do not miss the chance to find you perfect partner!