Interbride Dusseldorf 2020

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Interbride Dusseldorf 2020


   Interbride is an annual international fashion fair in Dusseldorf, Germany which has achieved its recognition throughout years. This spring 24 - 26 May the compilation of alluring taste, unique design and latest trend is ready to impress every of the most welcomed guest at Interbride 2020. Many designer ideas have hit their stride in recent time and Interbride has become a perfect event to show its most trendsetting discoveries. Everything here is about elegance, artistry and taste!


   Whether you are looking for a longing inspiration, efficient time spending, useful dealings or some good bridal dresses wholesale suppliers - Interbride, one of the Europe`s leading exhibitions, will always be at hand. Here you can come across wholesale bridal dresses and best bridal dresses wholesale suppliers.


   Before coming to see the most engaging exhibits, it is important to get acquainted with all trends wedding industry is granting us with. Throughout centuries, starting with Queen Victoria who first begun the trend of wearing white bridal dresses, wedding gowns became a symbol of a happy bride and therefore admirable wife. Then Coco Chanel implemented her delicate vision of a perfect bridal clothing. Beaded patterns and low-waist silhouette infused a color into bride`s look. At this period all fashion lovers wondered - Can a wedding gown develop into anything more stunning than this one? And the answer didn`t take long. With the help of Princess of Monaco in 1960s and Princess Diana in 1980s a marvelous design of a gown was created. A masterpiece with its dainty glittering lace, embroidered sleeves and ravishing vintage manner. Have you already pictured this trio in your mind?


   Having the background, modern designers can keep on advancing the wedding gown ritual and make it unique at every level fostering its style with a perfect bridal imagery in head. And they do. Along with Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang, Phillipa Lepley, Carolina Herrera and many others.



What is 2020 bringing into wedding fashion world? Are new styles corresponding to what modern brides desire? Let us take a detailed look at trend upgrades of 2020.


The lifecycle of a wedding gown counts hundreds of years of its development. Queen Victoria`s wedding gown has put a start to the enduring development of a dress. In 1840 the Queen, wearing a beige shade white pompous gown, made a furore and inspired future brides for ivory, beige and peach tinted bridal dresses. Snow-white wedding apparel was still and all favored among young brides while mature women always went for practical attire. Ironically, the wedding color palette as well as design and patterns introduced by the Queen at that time have been at their peak popularity throughout centuries until now.


   Did you happen to know which novelties year 2020 has brought into Wedding Fashion industry? Here is a sneak peek into what will conquer hearts of brides in 2020.


Light forms and textures of a dress


Modern bride will always pay attention to how practical her dress is. Wedding day is an exhausting adventure but a bride still wants it to be perfect. A long and heavy gown will hamper bride`s movements and overload waist tiring her right away. Dresses made of light fabrics like tulle and organza will definitely make everything easier.


Floral patterns, pastel prints


Wedding gown decorated with floral shapes and soft-hued lace brings enchanting vitality to a bridal look. Such designs refine the silhouette, refresh the complexion and add blooming juvenile vibe making it a fashion-forward trend. You will definitely find these designs at the fair.



Breaking stereotypes – Short wedding dresses


Who said that a wedding gown must be long? 21st century manifestations prove that modern bride should feel comfortable, wear a thing according to her own preferences and be brave enough to set herself apart from the crowd. Short wedding dress has its advantages – besides the fact it is a lightweight pleasure and has a floating effect, a bride can also boast with her new fashionable wedding shoes.


Corseted bridal gowns embellished with lovely distinctive lace patterns will perfectly fit for spring-early summer period. Delicate flowery patterns and exposed corsetry build up an impressive tandem for warm seasons weddings.


Pants which look elegant and chic


   Pants can be feminine especially as a part of a bridal outfit. Regular fit or flare pants, accurate refined creases with an empire waist will be a worthy replacement of an accustomed wedding gown. In addition, a bride can always save it for another occasion.


Sparkles as a trendy décor and ruffles which are no longer outdated


   Modern designers managed to successfully breathe new life into sparkles and ruffles on a wedding dress. Glittery embellishments complement the joyful celebration and ruffles bring majestic shapes to a gown. The basic rule is – everything is beautiful as long in moderation!


Iryna Kotapska


   If these stunning trends have really got under your skin and you are wondering where you can find them at Interbride, ukrainian designer collections of Iryna Kotapska will conquer your attention. Starting from 2002, Iryna Kotapska Company has established itself as one of the most demanded wholesale wedding gowns suppliers on both European and American market. With the wholesale wedding stores in the USA and Ukraine, this brand has won its admirers. One can always find here a perfect gown sewed of delicate Italian satin, gorgeous English tulle or exquisite French lace decorated with high quality rhinestones and Swarovski crystals. European standard fabrics and fair pricing policy helped to obtain trust of the most meticulous customers. Handmade decor of wedding and evening gowns, handmade embroidery and unique vision of a final image of a dress have satisfied hundreds of brides because Iryna Kotapska Company is also a reliable wholesale wedding dresses distributor for retailers.


   Nowadays, Iryna Kotapska Company is well-known for fast online sales to any part of the world.


   With its competent managers who speak fluent Russian, English, German and French and are accessible around the clock, everyone will be able to get design templates, place and get a purchased order in a short period of time. If any other questions occur, you may always refer to a Support Service and managers will guide you throughout whole process of application, purchase and shipment. Such customer service will definitely make your bargain experience the most pleasant one ever in your life!


   All in all, Iryna Kotapska Company is a wedding and evening gowns distributor which will be a decent partner no matter where both of the agreeing sides reside. The excellence of service, qualified consultants and charming gowns won`t leave anyone indifferent!

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