New concept wedding collection 2022 by Iryna Kotapska PROVOCATION

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New concept wedding collection 2022 by Iryna Kotapska PROVOCATION


Our brand was founded about 20 years ago, we were changing depending on how the fashion and wishes of the brides changed. But our desire to surprise and always be a reliable partner for successful cooperation remains unchangeable during all these years.



In 2021, we presented our new “Provocation” collection. It became the embodiment of all the fantasies and wishes of future brides about what a truly luxurious and sexy wedding dress should be. Besides, this collection will open up new business and profit opportunities for our partners.

The collection is based on 40 basic models with silhouettes of a mermaid, princess, and others. On their base we had created about 60 different variants, so you can choose from a variety of styles and combinations. Such a solution is rather unusual and new, but simple at the same time.

The secret is that we offer two skirts for each bodice. The owners of bridal salons know very well that when choosing a simple wedding dress, the main thing is to find one that fits well on the waist and beautifully emphasizes the breast. The skirt, its length, and volume are also important, but the bodice attracts attention more than other elements of the attire.

New concept wedding collection 2022 for wedding salons

Almost all models in the collection have two versions, the exception is several exclusive models. What benefits will get our partners with this collection:

  • You can order only a part of the collection with basic bodices and present them in your salon. The rest of the models can be viewed in the catalog and further ordered if needed.
  • Saving money and space. You can buy only 10-15 models, which, according to your opinion, have become the most buyer-attractive. Due to the possibility of selecting several skirts, one dress will simultaneously represent two different models.

There is another advantage of the new collection that is worth mentioning. Almost every girl, heading to a wedding salon to try on a dress, understands what exactly she wants to buy. But the choice of models usually is so great that it is simply impossible to stop at one dress. A long fitting begins, and after the third attire, the bride does not understand what exactly she likes.

We have taken this moment into account. Let's turn back to the bodice because it is the main element according to which the whole outfit is chosen. For example, the girl likes the model, but the bodice is too big or tight. In this case, you can give her a model of her size for fitting with the same bodice, but with another skirt. You don’t have to buy all 60 models, it will be enough to order several dresses with different tops and in different sizes. The bottom in this case does not matter.

That is, the bride will be able to choose one model, knowing for sure that it will fit her figure perfectly. Versatility is how the Provocation collection can be characterized. We have elegantly bypassed the moment when each dress is presented in one version, but at the same time, all our models do not cease to be exclusive and original.

Your business can be more profitable with us

We annually release a new collection of European wedding dresses, show our models at international exhibitions, and have Partners in 54 countries around the world. But at the very beginning of our growth, the company adheres to one main rule – to be convenient to our partners.

It's easy to work with us:

  • Your first order must be from 5 units or more. Depending on the complexity of the work our seamstresses will complete your order within 4-6 weeks.
  • The ability to order only one model at a time, that is, to work directly with the supplier. It means you can order only the model that the bride has chosen from our catalog.
  • Possibility to change any model depending on the wishes of the bride or the owner of the salon. For example, add more crystals, make a sleeve of another shape or a slit on the skirt. Due to such flexibility of our manufacturing, you can separately order maternity wedding dresses, which is a rarity in the world of wedding fashion.
  • Iryna Kotapska Company provides all printed, photo, and video materials of collections and models. If the bride has not found suitable attire in the show-room, you can always offer her a colorful catalog with luxurious photos of those models that she can order through the salon.
  • A wide range of wedding accessories which ideally combine with any wedding dress – capes, veil, and others.

Besides, we have an express tailoring option. In this case, your order will be ready within 10 days. This extra service is useful if you urgently need to present a new collection in your salon or if you have an urgent order for several dresses at once. The surcharge for urgency is 25% of the total order amount.

The size range is also very flexible, each model can be sewn up to 60 EU sizes. But this is not the final option, if needed we can sew a dress according to the individual measurements of the bride.

A wedding store where you can choose not only a specific model of a dress but create ideal attire from two parts – no one has ever offered this. And such a place can be your salon together with the design studio of Iryna Kotapska. Just imagine how profitable your business can become – no need to risk and make big investments, and 90% of customers could find their perfect wedding dress in your salon.

Sexy wedding dress for wedding salons

We protect the interests of our partners

Each of our partners is a salon or studio with unique models of wedding dresses. How is it possible, if we have Partners in many countries and are working with dozens of stores? It's very simple, Iryna Kotapska dresses can be bought only in an offline store. We do not have an online wedding store, there is only a website with our catalogs, models, and contacts. That is our dresses are not common-available, they can be bout only in the salon.

Advantages of such a solution:

  • To order a dress, the bride has to visit your salon. Here the chance to find a suitable model and sell a dress increases in many times. The bride will be able to touch and take a good look at the outfit, and if she likes the salon, she will recommend you to her friends.
  • Low competition. Usually, girls who want to buy designer wedding dresses go to the bridal salon and make their choice in the show-room. There are only your store and specific models. On the Internet, there is a very high competition level and you must spend a lot of money and time on self-promotion.
  • We do not sell wedding dresses online, our website does not contain prices and order details.

For convenient work and cooperation, each of our clients gets a personal manager with whom he could sign up a contract and discuss the details of supplies. Also, the manager will be providing new printed, photo, and video materials and reporting on all changes in the policy of the company. It is much more convenient to make orders through a manager, especially very large or exclusive ones.

As usual, we offer delivery to any corner of the planet in any convenient way.

Iryna Kotapska – always the highest quality

We care not only about your profit and the exclusivity of our collections but also about the quality. You can advertise a company and its products for a long time, say many beautiful words, but if the quality of these products is low, then all efforts will be in vain.

Just like 20 years ago, Iryna Kotapska studio chooses only the best for its collections:

  • Quality natural fabrics that allow the skin “to breathe”.
  • French lace with large and miniature patterns. It is known all over the world exactly for its exquisite and intricate “curls”.
  • Thin English tulle. It is very dense and durable, but at the same time, this material is very soft and light.
  • Czech beads Preciosa. All beads are of the same size and color, they resemble real pearls. So the “pearl” patterns look expensive and stylish.

Each dress is sewn and decorated by hand. Sits like a second skin – that is how the brides describe the outfits of Iryna Kotapska. The ideal dress should not wrinkle, gather in folds on the waist, slide down or make any discomfort. This is possible only with manual sewing and fitting on mannequins.

While creating luxurious dresses for brides, we have not forgotten about their mothers and bridesmaids. In our catalog, you can choose a gorgeous mother of the bride dress or bridesmaid dresses. They can be made in the same style as the bride's dress, or they can be tailored by your special order.

Start surprising your clients, give them exactly what they imagined, be flexible and versatile, and expand your assortment without a big investment. All this is so simple and possible right now with the Iryna Kotapska studio.

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