Barcelona bridal week 2018

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What is spring for the wedding world? This is a way out of hibernation. Today, when it’s still cold outside all we can do is to dream about so long-awaited spring days. Only a few days are left, so it’s time to think about the main events of the spring in this year. And, of course, which spring can be without numerous weddings, bridal fashion weeks and festivals? Just imagine these magic moments when love is in the air and many brides all over the world are waiting for this unrepeatable moment of their life...


In this article we will talk about the wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer and why your wedding saloon can’t stay without them anymore.


Wedding dresses from Kotapska



Wedding dresses from Irene Kotapska designer have already become famous in many European countries. The main thing that makes them so special is a successful combination of incredibly modern and stylish design together with premium-class materials. Quality and beauty- these are the main features which each bride need on the wedding day. Each dress made by this designer is unique and special, and only the modern trends are implemented in each model. So, why do you need to buy wholesale exclusive wedding dresses for your wedding saloon? The answer is simple- with such great advantages as unique design, the newest trends and high quality of all fabrics, laces, and accessories, each bride will feel herself like a queen and can’t resist purchasing it.


Wedding fashion weeks


As all we know, the newest fashion trends can be seen in the fashion weeks and wedding fashion is not an exclusion. In this year amazing wedding dresses created by Kotapska will be presented on the most famous bridal fashion weeks in Europe. Wholesale buyers have a unique opportunity to see and purchase dresses from a unique collection that will be exclusively presented in New York, Barcelona and Dusseldorf. Buyers will be able to buy wholesale wedding dresses in Barcelona at the Barcelona fashion week, where during several days the unique dresses made by this famous European designer will be presented to the public. If you need to refresh the current collection of dresses in your wedding saloon or give your clients a unique opportunity to buy wedding dress online, these events definitely should be visited.

In addition to this, during the wedding fashion week in Barcelona, wholesale buyers will be able not only to see the state-of-art models of wedding dresses but also to purchase wholesale wedding dresses cheap in Barcelona. This is the unique opportunity to order dresses from the new collection at very attractive prices.


Why do you need it?



Each prosperous businessman knows that the successful business needs constant developing. Without updating of the existing collection of wedding dresses sooner or later all customers will change your saloon to another where the more modern and exclusive dresses are presented. To avoid such sad scenario, the best way for you is to buy designer wedding dress wholesale at the fashion weeks in this year and to refill the assortment of your wedding saloon with the amazing wedding dresses by Kotapska.

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