Wedding Dress EU2001I

The model combines femininity and romanticism. The entire upper part is decorated with miniature flo..

Wedding Dress EU2002I

Simultaneously laconic and graceful model. The top of the dress is made of handmade lace. White flor..

Wedding Dress EU2003I

It is one of the pearls of the new collection. The dress of the silhouette mermaid is made of dense ..

Wedding Dress EU2004L

This model will appeal to a bold and confident girl. It beautifully emphasizes the dignity of the fi..

Wedding Dress EU2005L

Incredibly beautiful and sophisticated model. The upper part of the dress visually seems to be trans..

Wedding Dress EU2006L

A royally luxurious dress that has a special chic and looks expensive. The upper part is made of han..

Wedding Dress EU2007L

The original model on one shoulder. A dense strapless corset is decorated with drapery and openwork ..

Wedding Dress EU2008I

Nothing more, just grace and femininity. This is how we can characterize this model. It is completel..

Wedding Dress EU2009I

Amazing beautiful and complexity model. The entire upper part is made of a thin, invisible mesh. It ..

Wedding Dress EU2010L

This is a dress that will hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure of the bride. The c..

Wedding Dress EU2011I

This model will suit girls with any figure, but brides with elegant forms will look more impressive ..

Wedding Dress EU2012L

If you want to be miniature, weightless and romantic, this model is just what you need. The dress do..

Wedding Dress EU2013I

Here is one of the most unusual and original model in this collection. The dress has many interestin..

Wedding Dress EU2014L

A dress like Cinderella has - it is about this model. The dress at the same time is restrained, eleg..

Wedding Dress EU2015I

Dress for a self-confident bride has the original corset. The upper part of the attire is made of a ..

Wedding Dress EU2016I

Model of the silhouette princess is made in a classic style. The corset emphasizes the bust and make..

Wedding Dress EU2017L

The model impresses with its luxury and refinement. The corset fits tightly and creates the perfect ..