Atlanta VOW New World of Bridal lights the stars

Leave in the past the same-type wedding dresses and veil to the heels. Now the wedding fashion industry offers so much everything new and interesting that you can create a truly original and unique bridal image. An excellent way to get acquainted with all the novelties of this year is an exhibition. Atlanta VOW New World of Bridal is one of the best options.

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The Knot Couture Show New York 7-9 October 2018

The Knot Couture Show bridal New York can be surely called an annual event, because the first exhibition was held in December 2014. Every year this show is gaining more and more turns. This year it is expected to reach 50,000 guests, which, undoubtedly, will be a record for the organizers and the designers-participants. The event promises to be interesting, it is planned to be held in an easy casual atmosphere of fascinating shopping.

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