Amazing and very romantic collection from a young designer Iryna Kotapska combines the motives of different eras. In one line with the classic silhouettes "Mermaid" and "Princess" here are presented exclusive models in Victorian and Oriental style, with Moroccan hot notes. Collection Features As always, the basis for incredible openwork patterns and embroidery by beads was unreally thin tulle. White or beige, it is almost invisible, because of what it seems that the pearl threads lie directly on the body.

And here are some details in the cutting that can be interesting: • Regilin. A wide satin ribbon will perfectly emphasize the beauty of the shoulders and make the silhouette more fragile. • Bert's collar. Quite a rare element in bridal dresses. Meanwhile, it attracts maximum attention to the beautiful shoulders, and if it is made of transparent material or lace, then the outfit looks very feminine. • Baska. This short skirt allows you to emphasize a thin waist or a beautiful hip line. In addition, baska looks well on a slender or plump figure. Elements of design To decorate bridal dresses, traditional for this brand hand embroidery is used. But this time you can see 3D patterns, it seems that they are drawn on the corset of the dress. It looks very impressive and unusual. Many models are decorated with Swarovski crystals and real crystal. Only they are able to reflect the sun's rays so beautifully and brightly. The real crystal shines even in a poorly lit room. Stones and crystals are combined with silver beads, which will give additional shine and chic to the dress. A new solution in this collection was diamond spraying, which decorates the skirts and corsets. It allows to give a light flicker to the dresses. Thanks to it, the outfit looks more attractive Of course, let’s look on the unusual cut of many models. Exquisite and always actual silhouette of "Mermaid" is an excellent basis for any design ideas. Dresses of such a silhouette can be asymmetric, fully in lace, with large decorative elements. All this masterfully embodied in the reality by the masters of the design studio. Each outfit from Iryna Kotapska is: • Elegant and fashionable silhouettes. • The finest French lace and airy tulle. • Completely manual execution of each model. • Incredible comfort while wearing. Choosing an outfit, do not doubt - you will be irresistible. You just need to decide if you want to be a mermaid, a princess, a diva, Cinderella or a strict lady.

Bride dress BL1901I

This gorgeous outfit is made for a real queen! The dress is decorated with lace embroidered with l..

Bride dress BL1902L

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Bride dress BL1903I

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Bride dress BL1904I

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Bride dress BL1905I

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Bride dress BL1906I

The geometric pattern of the fabric and the straight lines of the corset in tandem with a cold glo..

Bride dress BL1907L

The floral ornament of embroidered lace completely covers this elegant outfit of the silhouette "m..

Bride dress BL1908L

Eastern pattern of the author's embroidery including pearls, crystal and silver stones Preciosa pe..

Bride dress BL1909L

And again, the imagination and skill of skillful hands created a masterpiece in the name of love! ..

Bride dress BL1910L

The Victorian image to this dress of the luminous silhouette produces a collar of a berth, made fr..

Bride dress BL1911L

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Bride dress BL1912I

Transformer dress of extra lush silhouette consisting of a combidress with original ornament and e..