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Iryna Kotapska brand is one of the most experienced empires in the creation of wedding dresses. From the dream of two sisters about the production of wedding dresses from Chernivtsi (Ukraine), Iryna Kotapska went to a world-famous brand. We have not only experience but also thousands of satisfied brides who happily entered a new stage of life with us.

Here are some interesting facts about our brand that you probably didn't know:

  1. We are a Ukrainian brand of wedding dresses. Sometime in 2002, we started our business in the small town of Chernivtsi as private entrepreneurs. Now we are also here, but we have already become a world-famous brand with our own production factory. We are proud of the fact that we are developing and working on it every day. We keep doing our work despite the war in Ukraine
  2. Our team consist of more than 50 people. All of us, like godmothers for Cinderella, emphasizes the beauty of our beautiful clients from all over the world. To create one dress we need the simultaneous work of 10 team members. The number of our partners and customers is increasing every day, so we are constantly expanding the team of magicians and fairies.
  3. Iryna Kotapska is a family brand. The company was founded in tandem by two sisters, Iryna and Lyudmila. The older sister had been thinking about the idea of creating wedding dresses for a long time and invited the closest person to do it together - to fulfill her dreams and those of other girls on the planet. Iryna is more involved in design and creation of collections, Lyudmila is responsible for the operational component and communicates with partners in different parts of our planet.
  4. Since we are a Ukrainian brand, we have collaborated with famous Ukrainian designers such as Andre Tan, as well as Ukrainian stars and influencers.
  5. All dresses are handmade. Just imagine how your dress is created by professionals with their own hands, who want you to be happy and unique on your day! (by the way sometimes even more than you)
  6. Together with the team, we are responsible for the quality of our dresses. The production capacity of Iryna Kotapska allows you to sew wedding dresses in a maximum of 3 months. We value each of our customers and individually approach the size grid, so Iryna Kotapska dresses from XXS to XXXXL. All brides will look elegant in Iryna Kotapska dresses!
  7. And a few numbers. It is difficult for us to count how many dresses we have sewn in more than 20 years, each collection usually has 35-40 dresses. All of them are unique, helping to immerse yourself in the magical moment of the wedding. You can view them by going to the "Collections" tab (clickable).
  8. We are represented in more than 50 countries! When we started it was our dream, and now it is a reality. A bride in Frankfurt is trying on a dress by Iryna Kotapska while a bride in Lizon is already showing off her wedding dress to her closest friends. You can already buy the most charming Iryna Kotapska dresses on 5 continents, in 570 salons/ (and this number is constantly increasing!)

We create each collection and each dress model with special love and consideration for brides. The process of creating a dress is not easy, but you can’t even imagine how happy we are when we see photos of happy and incredibly beautiful brides in Iryna Kotapska dresses. And it is in these moments that we make sure that we are in our place and continue to work even harder!