A subtle sense of style and craftsmanship made it possible to create a collection based on a mixture of styles, technologies, new fabrics, hand embroidery with Preciosa beads and Swarovski crystals, as well as innovative cuts. Our favorite customers from all over the world have inspired us to create this wonderful collection, in which absolutely every bride will find her dress.

MA1702I Bridal Dresses

A one-of-a-kind mermaid dress with closed back. A 0.5 meter long train of a skirt adds grace to the ..

MA1702I trail Bridal Dresses

An unforgettable wedding dress that does not resemble any standard wedding attire due to the shape o..

MA1703 trail Bridal Dresses

A beautiful hand-made wedding dress decorated with cord thread. The mermaid gown has a lush skirt, w..

MA1703I Bridal Dresses

Multiple layers of thin fabrics allow the tail to look more impressive. The dress is decorated with ..

MA1704I Bridal Dresses

A mermaid dress with a soft silhouette has a closed back, a zipper and elegant frilled sleeves. The ..

MA1704I trail Bridal Dresses

A beautiful wedding dress with a removable skirt, tulle giving ease along with. The tail is decorate..

MA1705I Bridal Dresses

A closed neck wedding dress with the maximum length, turning into a neat decorated trail. Appliqués ..

MA1705I trail Bridal Dresses

Wedding dress with a removable skirt. The dress is decorated with appliqués with beads and cord stri..

MA1706L Bridal Dresses

A puffy fishtail wedding dress with a semi-transparent tail that is decorated with high quality lace..

MA1707I Bridal Dresses

A wonderful wedding dress, realized in a special style. A large mesh covers the entire outfit, inclu..

MA1708I Bridal Dresses

A stylish mermaid dress. Its main fabrics are rolled, taffeta and lace. The V-neckline aligns the pr..

MA1709.1L Bridal Dresses

Unbeatable wedding dress with open shoulders. The smooth fabric neatly repeats the lines of the silh..

MA1709L Bridal Dresses

A wedding dress with a light train of medium size and a removable cape that will perfectly cover the..

MA1710L Bridal Dresses

An exquisite mermaid wedding dress zipped on the back and with a 0,5 meter train. The dress is cover..

MA1711L Bridal Dresses

Lace wedding mermaid dress. Wide, but very gentle lace straps make the outfit very feminine. Lacy pa..