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The A-line dress is one of the most unusual in this collection. It is made of dense satin and thin tulle, has an original design. In general, the model is rather laconic, devoid of catchy decor, but this is its peculiarity.

The corset is made of thick opaque fabric. It fits well to the chest and waist, making their shape perfect. There are molded cups on the chest. The cut of neckline is small; it echoes the shape of the cut on the back. Thin straps can be lowered a little or raised on the shoulders. They are decorated with a silvery dense fringe that visually resembles tiny feathers.

All attention is primarily attracted by the skirt of this dress. It is long and consists of two parts - a dense petticoat of snow-white satin and an upper fluffy skirt of translucent tulle. The skirt is decorated with a cascade of thin fringe with silver braid. Due to the fact that the fringe is sewn under the slope, an interesting stepped effect is created, and during the movement, the cascade changes its shape beautifully.

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