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It is one of the most luxurious dresses of this collection. The model of the princess silhouette is striking in its magnificence and brilliance, at the same time it looks elegant and expensive.

The entireoutfit is embroidered with handmade patterns. There used crystals, pearls, crystal. Due to this, the dress literally shines and sparkles during movement. The upper part is draped with a thin smoky mesh, which became the basis for intricate patterns. A tight corset is only partially guessed under the upper fabric; it fits tightly around the waist and chest, but does not hinder movement. The corset and shoulders, as well as the upper part of the skirt, are decorated with large flowers of beads, which makes the outfit more expressive.

A very fluffy skirt at the waist and lower is embroidered with patterns that echo the motifs on the corset. Due to this, the entire composition of the dress is complete and very harmonious. The skirt lies down with beautiful waves-folds; visually the bride seems thin and elegant.

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