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Wedding Dresses with Color Accents
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Gentle and romantic princess silhouette model will make any bride elegant and feminine. The dress is made of thick satin, and its main decoration is hand embroidery on the corset and skirt.

Tight-fitting corset of dense elastic material will make the waist and chest lines ideal, but at the same time, it does not hinder the movement and is very comfortable. Wide straps can be lowered down or raised on the shoulders. Due to this, it turns out two different images - modest and bold. Deep neckline repeats the cut on the back. The corset and straps are embroidered with crystals and beads by the craftsmen of the fashion house by hand. Due to this, all the patterns are expressive and voluminous.

A long fluffy skirt made of several layers of tulle and more dense material, is decorated with separate embroidered elements. There is not much embroidery on the skirt, so that the whole image of the bride turns out easy and elegant. The dress has a long wide train, due to which the figure of the bride seems more fragile, and the skirt more lushly.

We offer collections of Ukrainian fashion houses the same quality as wedding dress manufacturers the UK, but lower price.

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