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KT 2025
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Dress of princess silhouette looks modern and very bright. It well conceals the possible shortcomings of the figure of the bride, making the form just perfect.

The corset from dense fabric is completely embroidered by hand embroidery. All patterns are voluminous and expressive; therefore, the very image of the bride turns out to be vivid and memorable. Crystal, pearls, Swarovski crystals were used for embroidery. Due to this, the dress literally shines and attracts attention with its luxury. Wide straps and neckline are additionally decorated with a thin fringe of beaded threads. It frames the cut on the back too. Behind this dress is completely closed with a thin smoky mesh, fastened with a long row of buttons.

The fluffy skirt is partially embroidered with patterns repeating motifs on the corset. Its top is decorated with intricate openwork weaving, which gently falls lower. In addition, it is decorated with several large embroidered elements. The dress has a long train, which is also decorated with embroidery.

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