Wedding dress - KT 2026

Beautiful princess wedding dress
  • Product Code:KT 2026

Dress of princess silhouette looks luxurious due to the rich embroidery and at the same time modestly due to the long sleeves and slightly draped neckline cutout.

The upper part of the dress is generously embroidered with volume embroidery. All the elements here are made by hand by the craftsmen of the fashion house, so the finished patterns look volume and expressive. Crystal, pearls, special faceting crystals were used for embroidery. A thin smoky mesh covers the chest, shoulders, and arms. The sleeves are embroidered with floral patterns that have become a kind of continuation of the composition on the corset.

A moderately fluffy skirt of snow-white satin became the harmonious conclusion of the dress. It is decorated with vertical inserts of embroidery, echoing the motifs of the upper part of the dress. A thin top layer of tulle gives the image some lightness and dilutes the abundance of decor. The waistline is not underlined by a belt, due to which the embroidery is obtained as a whole canvas.

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