A new collection from the fashion house Iryna Kotapska is a parade of bright and absolutely different from each other bridal dresses and images for the future bride. The main silhouettes in the collection are the princess and the A-silhouette.

Most models are not made in classic white color, but in more original shades of powder and cream. Thanks to this, almost any attire will look great on girls with pale or swarthy skin. What is interesting about the collection? Along with the classic dresses in the new series are presented several atypical clothes sets that consist of “body”, short and long skirts. This is a great opportunity not to depart from the traditional image of the bride, but also to bring notes of modern style to the outfit. In addition, the collection presents such dresses: • With original hand embroidery. To create incredible patterns on the corset and skirt is used a large Czech beads Preciosa, which is the most similar to real pearls. Note that the complex and incredibly beautiful hand embroidery has become the “business card” of the brand. • A beautiful cut on the back. In many models, the back is maximally open, the V-shaped cutout, and also the "heart" prevail. • Many models with long sleeves are presented. The masters of the design studio were able to show, that the long sleeve of the wedding dress can be extraordinarily feminine and flirtatious. For it you just need to make some effort and show imagination. The best materials and unusual cut Not only embroidery and a variety of silhouettes make Iryna Kotapska's dresses so interesting and attractive for future brides. All models are made only by hand and from the best materials - English thin tulle, French lace, comfortable Japanese accessories and natural "breathable" materials. Also of great importance is the unusual author's cut which allows to make each model so comfortable and provides an ideal fit the figure. Almost all models have a magnificent skirt and tight top, so the bride with any complexion in such a dress will look gently and feminine. Perfect harmony of beauty and comfort Each model in the new collection is thought out to the last detail. Therefore, the dress looks weightless, and it seems, that the straps of the corset will slip off the shoulders. Although in fact, due to thin tulle base, the bride can freely move and dance in such attire all day. With Iryna Kotapska you will be simply irresistible at your own wedding. It does not matter, you want to be a princess, a mermaid, a glamorous lioness, in the new collection there will surely be many interesting and stylish solutions for any image.

Bride dress B1950I

We left a light hint of total nudity! This unique dress consists only of light tulle and embroidered..

Bride dress B1951L

The embroidery ornaments made by hand, using Preciosa beads and Swarovski crystal is a continuation ..

Bride dress B1953L

Preciosa pearls, made by skilled craftsmen in strict symmetrical figures, decorate the corset of thi..

Bride dress B1954I

A-silhouette dress with airily sleeves. Designers used the lace in the technique of "smooth" embroid..

Bride dress B1955I

Lush and very delicate dress, created using the embroidered lace and a delicate French lace fabric. ..

Bride dress B1956L

This dress of a strait silhouette combines a difference of elements. Embroidered with sequins this d..

Bride dress B1957I

This dress with a magnificent silhouette and long sleeves. It was made using 3 D lace embroidered wi..

Bride dress B1958L

The dress of the A silhouette, decorated with embroidered lace, is complemented with a removable tra..

Bride dress B1959L

The main attention in this dress attracts the original execution of the train. Traditionally, the pe..

Bride dress B1960L

In this image, the accent was made on the choice of fabric that attracts attention and the original ..

Bride dress B1961L

The asymmetrical execution of the upper part of this elegant outfit smoothly passes into the soft li..

Bride dress B1962I

The cold glow of silver was embodied in the classic image of a dress silhouette "princess". Open nec..

Bride dress B1963L

This dress of the silhouette "mermaid" fascinates with interesting details. The overflows of the seq..

Bride dress B1964L

This wedding dress combines a light bodice and a classic skirt-gode. Interesting details are the inv..

Bride dress B1965I

A new design that conquered our hearts! A fully transparent bodice with a gorgeous fit! Lace applica..

Bride dress B1966I

Attire of a marine nymph or a modern urban bride - the choice is yours! The dress has a strait silho..

Bride dress B1967L

The actual strait silhouette of this chiffon bridal dress is complemented by a cut above the middle ..

Bride dress B1968I

An ideal image for a beach ceremony! A set of three components - the “body” with the original de..

Bride dress B1969I

Painstaking work, complex structure and mix of different materials create a gentle dress A-silhouett..

Bride dress B1970I

This attire worthy of the red carpet! The bright decor of the bust line is harmoniously combined wit..

Bride dress B1971L

The intricate ornament of embroidered lace is supplemented with a scattering of crystal along the wa..

Bride dress B1972I

A new approach to the image of a modern dynamic bride! A set of three elements! Light combidress mad..

Bride dress B1973L

Sleeves-wings set a general tone for to image. They echo to a gentle shine of sequins and a light sk..

Bride dress B1974L

It is a light outfit for a modern bride. Original sleeves and a high cut of the skirt, framed with l..