Inspired by the night sky the collection’s each dress is a real star. Beautiful Dresses at wholesale prices from leading Ukraine wholesalers. Delicate lace, taffeta and tulle of high quality serve as an excellent basis for creating unique dresses. Ball gown dresses and mermaid gowns dominate the collection.

ANTLIA Wedding Dresses

An extraordinary beautiful mermaid dress emphasizing the beauty of the bride. The sweetheart necklin..

AQUILA Wedding Dresses

A divine ballgown wedding dress with buttons on the back and three-quarter sleeves. The bodice is co..

ARA Wedding Dresses

Perfection in simplicity. The dress which was created with tender materials and therefore looking ve..

ARGO Wedding Dresses

An unrivaled mermaid dress with buttons on the back. The bodice is covered with textured lace. The n..

ARIES Wedding Dresses

An unusual wedding dress. The bodice is made of the French lace with buttons on the back. The skirt ..

AUSTRALIS Wedding Dresses

An elegant ballgown wedding dress. The scoop neckline is decorated with beaded lace. Short sleeves a..

BOREA Wedding Dresses

A classic A-line drop-waist wedding dress. The bodice and the skirt are covered with soft rolled sat..

CAMELA Wedding Dresses

A ballgown wedding dress with an emphasized corset. The scoop neckline is completely covered with a ..

CARINA Wedding Dresses

A striking princess wedding outfit with lacing on the back. The scoop neckline is decorated with vol..

CASSIOPEIA Wedding Dresses

Elegance is our motto! A stylish dress, the bodice of which is covered with French lace, the skirt i..

CORONA Wedding Dresses

A ballgown wedding dress. A classic closed bodice is covered with lace with a cord string. On the ba..

DELPHI Wedding Dresses

A delicate A-line dress with buttons on the back. The scoop neckline is covered with lace with a cor..

DORADO Wedding Dresses

A ballgown corset wedding dress with lacing on the back and the scoop neckline. The waist is underli..

GEMINI Wedding Dresses

Excellent wedding dress with long sleeves. The combination of French lace embroidered with sequins a..

IRELIA Wedding Dresses

At first glance, you have an empire wedding dress. In fact, this is a combination of a mermaid dress..

ISIDA Wedding Dresses

A delicate empire wedding dress. French lace on the bodice is complemented with a beaded appliqué. A..

LEO Wedding Dresses

This model emphasizes the original design of the bodice of the dress. It is decorated with fully emb..

LIBRA 2 Wedding Dresses

Kotapska Iryna is one of the premier designers of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, bridal and fo..

LIBRA Wedding Dresses

The soft guipure on the bodice and straps of this A-line dress fit perfectly with a matte satin skir..

MENSA Wedding Dresses

A classic empire wedding dress made of gentle chiffon and complemented by author's embroidery with b..

MUSCA Wedding Dresses

A corset A-line wedding dress with lacing on the back. Lacy patterns start from the shoulders and co..

NATICI Wedding Dresses

A truly Hollywood mermaid dress! The bodice is made with the use of 2 kinds of lace; the French chan..

NAVIS Wedding Dresses

A gentle princess dress. The sweetheart neckline is decorated with macrame lace. The same motif is r..

NORMA Wedding Dresses

Oriental pattern of a lace bodice is complemented by a coquette and a lush tulle skirt. This combina..

OCTANS Wedding Dresses

Echoes of the Boho style can be seen in this outfit. The combination of macrame lace, the powder col..

PAVO Wedding Dresses

A princess wedding dress perfectly combines with the train giving the model a very solemn and beauti..

PEGASSA Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress with a perfect fit. The lace places the most important role giving the overall look ..

PERSSA Wedding Dresses

This princess dress immediately attracts attention with an unusual ornament of lace embroidered with..

PHOENIX Wedding Dresses

A feminine dress with lace decor, which smoothly passes from the bodice to the skirt of tulle. Roman..

PICTA Wedding Dresses

A divine wedding dress with lace bodice and three quarter sleeves. Elements of lace complement the h..

PYXIS Wedding Dresses

A distinctive dress for a special bride. The textured lace of the bodice is complemented by the auth..

SAGITTA Wedding Dresses

The symbiosis of fabrics and styles is superbly shown in this mermaid dress. Chantilly lace smoothly..

SEXTA Wedding Dresses

An enchanting attire, which resembles the queen's dress for the most important and most chic ball. S..

TUCANA 2 Wedding Dresses

This embroidered Lace on tulle princess style wedding gown from the Stellar - Kotapska Iryna collect..

TUCANA Wedding Dresses

The velvety guipure of the bodice is harmoniously combined with the satin skirt of the A-line dress...

URSA Wedding Dresses

A wonderful outfit with a sweetheart neckline. The bride's shoulders cover the lace decor, echoing w..

VEGA Wedding Dresses

Open shoulders of this dress miraculously emphasize the femininity and beauty of the bride. The cors..

VELA Wedding Dresses

This princess wedding dress speaks the language of tenderness with us. The corset, which is decorate..

VIRGO Wedding Dresses

A classic A-line dress with a shaping corset and neat cap sleeves. High waistline additionally makes..

VOLANS Wedding Dresses

A delightful mermaid wedding dress made of delicate chantilly lace. The superb cut of the lightweigh..