Bride dress B1964L

This wedding dress combines a light bodice and a classic skirt-gode. Interesting details are the inv..

Bride dress B1965I

A new design that conquered our hearts! A fully transparent bodice with a gorgeous fit! Lace applica..

Bride dress B1966I

Attire of a marine nymph or a modern urban bride - the choice is yours! The dress has a strait silho..

Bride dress B1967L

The actual strait silhouette of this chiffon bridal dress is complemented by a cut above the middle ..

Bride dress B1968I

An ideal image for a beach ceremony! A set of three components - the “body” with the original de..

Bride dress B1969I

Painstaking work, complex structure and mix of different materials create a gentle dress A-silhouett..

Bride dress B1970I

This attire worthy of the red carpet! The bright decor of the bust line is harmoniously combined wit..

Bride dress B1971L

The intricate ornament of embroidered lace is supplemented with a scattering of crystal along the wa..

Bride dress B1972I

A new approach to the image of a modern dynamic bride! A set of three elements! Light combidress mad..

Bride dress B1973L

Sleeves-wings set a general tone for to image. They echo to a gentle shine of sequins and a light sk..

Bride dress B1974L

It is a light outfit for a modern bride. Original sleeves and a high cut of the skirt, framed with l..

Bride dress B1975I

Lightweight dress A-silhouette. The top of the dress is decorated with embroidered lace appliquГ©s. ..

Bride dress BL1901I

This gorgeous outfit is made for a real queen! The dress is decorated with lace embroidered with l..

Bride dress BL1902L

Magic, sunlight and Spanish motifs are embodied in this incredible outfit! All this thanks to the ..

Bride dress BL1903I

Elegance in alliance with splendor! Incredibly magnificent dress of a silhouette princess decorate..

Bride dress BL1904I

Uniqueness in every detail, from the author's embroidery with Swarovski crystal and Preciosa beads..

Bride dress BL1905I

Attire for a real princess! The corset on a transparent base is fully decorated with lace applicat..

Bride dress BL1906I

The geometric pattern of the fabric and the straight lines of the corset in tandem with a cold glo..

Bride dress BL1907L

The floral ornament of embroidered lace completely covers this elegant outfit of the silhouette "m..

Bride dress BL1908L

Eastern pattern of the author's embroidery including pearls, crystal and silver stones Preciosa pe..

Bride dress BL1909L

And again, the imagination and skill of skillful hands created a masterpiece in the name of love! ..

Bride dress BL1910L

The Victorian image to this dress of the luminous silhouette produces a collar of a berth, made fr..

Bride dress BL1911L

Unusual combination of thin straps, rich handmade embroidery and a lush skirt with silver shine em..

Bride dress BL1912I

Transformer dress of extra lush silhouette consisting of a combidress with original ornament and e..