Wedding dress - КТ2019

A gorgeous A-line dress with a touch of romanticism will turn any bride into a graceful lady. The ..

Wedding dress - KT 2020

The mermaid silhouette dress combines elegant lines, the romance of lace patterns and the weightle..

Wedding dress - KT 2021

The A-line dress is one of the most unusual in this collection. It is made of dense satin and thin..

Wedding dress - KT 2022

This princess silhouette dress draws attention byits beauty, tenderness, and elegance. It has noth..

Wedding dress - KT 2023

It is one of the most luxurious dresses of this collection. The model of the princess silhouette i..

Wedding dress - KT 2024

Gentle and romantic princess silhouette model will make any bride elegant and feminine. The dress ..

Wedding dress - KT 2025

Dress of princess silhouette looks modern and very bright. It well conceals the possible shortcomi..

Wedding dress - KT 2026

Dress of princess silhouette looks luxurious due to the rich embroidery and at the same time modes..

Wedding dress - KT 2027

Charming princess silhouette dress combines classic and glamor. It looks expensive and luxurious d..

Wedding dress - KT 2028

This is, perhaps, the most incredible and shocking model in collection. It will like to the bold a..

Wedding dress - KT 2029

Dress of silhouette princess with hundreds of sparkling crystals will allow any bride to feel luxu..

Wedding dress - KT 2030

Modesty and coquetry are perfectly combined in this princess silhouette dress. The model is made o..

Bride dress B1950I

We left a light hint of total nudity! This unique dress consists only of light tulle and embroidered..

Bride dress B1951L

The embroidery ornaments made by hand, using Preciosa beads and Swarovski crystal is a continuation ..

Bride dress B1953L

Preciosa pearls, made by skilled craftsmen in strict symmetrical figures, decorate the corset of thi..

Bride dress B1954I

A-silhouette dress with airily sleeves. Designers used the lace in the technique of "smooth" embroid..

Bride dress B1955I

Lush and very delicate dress, created using the embroidered lace and a delicate French lace fabric. ..

Bride dress B1956L

This dress of a strait silhouette combines a difference of elements. Embroidered with sequins this d..

Bride dress B1957I

This dress with a magnificent silhouette and long sleeves. It was made using 3 D lace embroidered wi..

Bride dress B1958L

The dress of the A silhouette, decorated with embroidered lace, is complemented with a removable tra..

Bride dress B1959L

The main attention in this dress attracts the original execution of the train. Traditionally, the pe..

Bride dress B1960L

In this image, the accent was made on the choice of fabric that attracts attention and the original ..

Bride dress B1961L

The asymmetrical execution of the upper part of this elegant outfit smoothly passes into the soft li..