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The Kotapska brand has a humble beginning, starting with a single seamstress who worked from home on the inspired ideas of the Kotapski sisters. The seamstress sewed the dresses, while the owners personally decorated and embroidered them. As the business grew, the sisters moved into a larger one-room flat and worked together. Eventually, they expanded to a three-room flat, which had an atmosphere resembling that of the Godmother from Cinderella. The Kotapska brand continued to grow and develop, building its own production with modern equipment and a wonderful atmosphere. From one seamstress, the brand now has a team of 100 skilled professionals.

"Our team is like a small family, always together in any situation - be it during crises, wars, pandemics, or when we are at the peak of success on the podium. We have a unique corporate spirit that revolves around creating beautiful things and sharing them with the world. Most of our employees have been with us for many years, and we welcome back those who are returning from maternity leave or have been abroad. This sense of loyalty and togetherness is incredibly important to us."

Despite gaining recognition on the international stage, the Kotapska bridal brand continues to hold true to its values. The motivation for sisters Iryna and Liudmyla remains the same: seeing brides smile and cry tears of joy, feeling butterflies in their stomachs when they wear Kotapska's dresses. The expectations, dreams, and preparations of clients from around the world inspire the owners, forming the basis of the brand's collection creations.

Kotapska is making strides in the European market, being presented in Germany and France, as well as long-standing partnerships with distributors in Portugal and Italy. The brand has also expanded to Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, and the Netherlands, with plans to enter the UK market in the near future. The wedding brand Kotapska is a European brand with a Ukrainian soul.

"It's always reliable with us. It's always warm with us. It's always safe with us."

Kotapska is a family-owned brand that aims to establish a wedding dynasty. The sisters who own the company, along with their entire team, strive to build long-term partnerships because they plan to pass on the brand to future generations. "We create what we live by now, and what our children and grandchildren will live by in 100 years. Brides from all over the world will continue to wear Kotapska dresses even in the next century!"

In the near future, Kotapska dreams of creating a club of partners located on different continents but who share common values and goals, namely to make brides happy. This community of like-minded people will provide support and friendly assistance to the Kotapska brand. "We value each of our partners and will always lend a helping hand or offer sound advice!"