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The "La vie est belle" collection from the wedding dress brand Iryna Kotapska is a combination of elegance, fragility, and tenderness that reflects modern fashion. This collection was created to show the beauty and grace of a woman in her most exquisite attire - a wedding dress. In the "La vie est belle" collection, you can find a variety of silhouettes, from classic models to more modern solutions, such as elegant corsets and trouser suits. We have used high-quality fabrics and decorative materials such as lace, guipure, and beads, which add a unique charm to the dresses and make you unique on your day. Our collection "La vie est Belle" is about tenderness, elegance, French lightness, and sophistication. Each model emphasizes your most profitable aspects. These dresses are the real dream of a bride who wants to emphasize her fragility and uniqueness.